College/course selection:

Your education decides your career and future; therefore wet guide you in course selection based on your ambition and ability as well as direct you to Colleges that will provide a pleasant and memorable experience. Choosing from thousands of courses across multiple universities worldwide can be a panicking experience. Our experts mine the information and present the correct combination that matches your needs and skill set.

Admission/application assistance:

We will guide you in getting an admission to the college of your choice in the first attempt by ensuring that requirements and conditions are satisfactorily completed. These include IELTS/TOFEL, NZQA assessment criteria/recognition of existing qualification and various other requirements from regulatory bodies. This ensures a far great time frame for visa processing is available and also allows for preparations.

Visa assistance:

We liaise with immigration staff to arrange and even renew student visa. Our staff has in-depth knowledge of the processes and also cater for emergency arrangements. Students are guided in filling necessary forms and we cross-check for correctness and forward to Immigration Department. Our success rate is 100% and we also assist those who were not successful previously when lodging themselves.

Forex (Foreign Exchange) support:

We will provide assistance in getting the best rates available through our bankers which may not be available through normal money exchange services as we deal in quantity. This means you get more money when you change your currency with us. Normally the difference is apparent in fees and you save hundreds of dollars.

Travel support:

Arrangements such as airline ticket booking, travel insurance and other items like luggage and special meal requirements are provided. When students do booking through us, we are able to provide lowest prices in tickets and travel insurance through our trusted agents.

Finance support:

Financial burden can be quite high especially as for foreign students, however, we make it affordable and not any more than what a local student would pay by planning your income sources and saving methods. Education is an investment and financial institutions are more than willing to help out. We arrange the loan from banks for your education and miscellaneous needs with the guidance of our bank contacts whose provide tailor-made solutions ensure you pay the lowest interest and flexible payment method and payback time.

Pre-departure guidance:

Informative counseling and how to manage yourself in the country of study is conducted. We conduct face-to-face briefings and role plays to illustrate the cultural and communication expectation as well as professional and student conduct and rights. The parents and guardian are also included in the briefing for assurance. This ensures you are prepared for a wonderful experience aboard.

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