Daniel Cooper  Chairman

Daniel serves as Chairman of the board of Fern Education and brings along 25-years academic experience emphasizing on validating educational program offered by the universities and college. His strategic efforts also include the creation of a new framework for internationalization at the university and supporting the revitalization of liberal education as the cornerstone of undergraduate education. Completed his education in New Zealand and stepped up his career with global challenges.

Dr. Batumalay.S, PhD  CEO

Dr. Batu brings with him more than 20 years of experience in the Education and Corporate Management. Dr. Batu’s forte lies in cross-border client negotiations as well as mergers within Tertiary Education. Having started his career in corporate management and then moved into education, Dr. Batu entrusted himself into international networking within the education sector when he embarked into the consulting arena. Dr. Batu’s complete education background originates from the US and has been honored in many occasions in the US for his intellectual as well as social endeavours.

Charles Douglas  Executive

Charles was the Chief Operating Officer with responsibility for sales and promotion of all GEN2 line of products in Australia. Charles joined GEN2 in 2004 as a Corporate Account Manager and, by 2007, had become the company’s head of Large-Scale Projects. In this position, he successfully launched a number of innovation projects for top GEN2 customers across the country. Completed his education in Australia and have great expertise in sales and marketing.

Dr. Balakrishnan.L, Ph.D  Director of Operations

Dr. Bala was involved in a tertiary level teaching faculty in New Zealand. He has been a lecturer for the past 20 years at different levels in college, polytechnic and Universities. Dr. Bala vast experience incorporates fields such as IT, Business, Management, Human Resources, Instructional Technologies and student counseling. Having in-depth knowledge in these areas, Dr. Bala has extended his expertise to Fern Education Consulting as an advisor and a Director. Dr. Bala completed his education in the USA and worked in USA, Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand.

Ronald Shepard  Executive

Ronald has over 20 years of wide business experience in New Zealand and overseas. Ronald was the CFO of Carefore Ltd. Prior to Carefore Ltd, he was an Executive Director at Nokia Singapore. Ronald started his career with Cooper in Australia and subsequently joined the Corporate Finance Division of BBPM Bank Berhad. Ronald holds a Master of Commerce degree from University of New South Wales, Australia and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (ICAA).

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