Fee Deatails

Tuition fees of accredited and high quality programmes in Malaysia are very reasonable and highly affordable.Malaysia not only offers affordable and quality education but also provides the opportunity to achieve degree from foreign universities through their branch campuses.

Estimated cost for Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Malaysia:

Area of Study Cost in USD for Private colleges 3+0 Foreign Degree (3 yrs) Cost in USD for Foreign Branch campus University Degree programme (3 yrs) Cost in USD for Malaysian Private University Degree Programme (3 yrs)
Business 11,100-14,300 13,700-24,000 8,600-11,400
Engineering 13,000-15,000
(3 yrs, UK; 4 yrs, Aust)
(3 yrs, UK; 4 yrs Aust)
12,900-14,300 (4 yrs)
IT 9,700-12,900 13,400-25,100 9,400-12,300
Hospitality & Tourism 13,700-18,600 12,000-14,300
Medicine 114,300 (5 yrs) 62,900-108,600

International students who want a degree from developed countries like UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand can enroll in collaborative degree programs with reputable international universities such as the 2+1 programs or 3+0 programs which enable students to complete the entire foreign degree programs right here in Malaysia, and still be conferred with a degree from the partner university overseas. Alternatively, international students can study at foreign university branch campuses set up in Malaysia.

Living Expenses


Accommodation USD 100-USD 150
Meals USD 150
Laundry USD 20
Telecommunication/Mobile Phone Bills and Utilities USD 10 onwards
Public Transport USD 15
Medical Insurance USD 15
Personal Expenses USD 410

PS: All figures are just a rough estimate and are subjected to change.