Fee Deatails

Tuition fees of accredited and high-quality programmes in Malaysia are very reasonable and highly affordable.Malaysia not only offers affordable and quality education but also provides the opportunity to achieve a degree from foreign universities through their branch campuses.

Estimated cost for Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Malaysia:

Area of Study Cost in USD for Private colleges 3+0 Foreign Degree (3 yrs) Cost in USD for Foreign Branch campus University Degree programme (3 yrs) Cost in USD for Malaysian Private University Degree Programme (3 yrs)
Business 11,100-14,300 13,700-24,000 8,600-11,400
Engineering 13,000-15,000
(3 yrs, UK; 4 yrs, Aust)
(3 yrs, UK; 4 yrs Aust)
12,900-14,300 (4 yrs)
IT 9,700-12,900 13,400-25,100 9,400-12,300
Hospitality & Tourism 13,700-18,600 12,000-14,300
Medicine 114,300 (5 yrs) 62,900-108,600

International students who want a degree from developed countries like UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand can enroll in collaborative degree programs with reputable international universities such as the 2+1 programs or 3+0 programs which enable students to complete the entire foreign degree programs right here in Malaysia, and still be conferred with a degree from the partner university overseas. Alternatively, international students can study at foreign university branch campuses set up in Malaysia.

Living Expenses


Accommodation USD 100-USD 150
Meals USD 150
Laundry USD 20
Telecommunication/Mobile Phone Bills and Utilities USD 10 onwards
Public Transport USD 15
Medical Insurance USD 15
Personal Expenses USD 410

PS: All figures are just a rough estimate and are subjected to change.

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