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What makes Fern Education franchisees so successful?

We provide education consultancy to a growing education sector for student to travel globally and a pathway to STUDY, WORK and MIGRATE philosophy. Fern Education is faced with the exciting opportunity of being an adopter in this growing industry and is the answer to an increasing international demand.

The consistent quality of their courses / programs, combined with the growing interest in overseas job hunting and migration, has been proven to be a winning concept in our market and will produce the same results for Fern Education. Our corporate New Zealand image is designed to create brand awareness, and be inviting for prospective clients.

Our success through:

  • The creation of a unique, scalable, innovative education counsellors that will differentiate Fern Education from its competitors
  • Educating the market on what it has to offer, include post placement service
  • Excellent university placement at a reasonable fee
  • Affordable and reliable University / College to our client’s strength
  • Achieve a reasonable market share
  • Pioneer in overseas student placement consultancy

What do I get for my Franchisee Fee?

  • The right to use the Franchisors intellectual property, and CRM.
  • Lead Generation from FERN Education brand recognition, and Digital Marketing.
  • The opportunity to grow a profitable and valuable business.
  • Comprehensive training and support. Induction training for two weeks, and then ongoing support from our Franchisee Trainer and our “help desk”.
  • Access to our 360 universities and colleges worldwide.
  • Guidance on new office opening by providing corporate design and logos.

What is our Market Segmentation?

We have two main strategies:

  • 1. The first strategy focuses on retaining existing clients and referrals. By providing excellent selection of course and reputable university with a competitive pricing and excellent customer service strategy, Fern Education hopes to educate and retain a loyal client base which can lead to generating referral leads.
  • 2. The second, and most important strategy focuses on pulling in new customers by adopting an aggressive marketing campaign: digital marketing, participating education fair and organizing educational meets.

What our Franchisees have to say?

Trichy (India) Fern Education Franchisee Ms. Malar Viswanathan says” This collaboration is excellent and that makes it very easy to operate. Although I had a good understanding of consulting before I started, the two weeks training was invaluable. We’ve been so busy I’ve put in more hours than I anticipated, and now I am expanding by bringing couple more staff on board. We are still growing, which is wonderful for us, and simply proves the concept is as good as everyone says.”

Christchurch (NZ) Fern Education Franchisee Mr. Dan Matthews says “We had my consultancy as just single entity my network was fairly small, now after partnering Fern, god. It’s wonderful and I can see our growth, no regrets and have covered my initial cost.

Penang (Malaysia) Fern Education Franchisee Mr. Edwin Dass says” I was attracted to FERN Education because, in addition to offering a vital service, it also operates from retail premises – that makes it very approachable and attracts a lot of new clients. I was also drawn to the concept of franchising by the idea of support. I think that I phoned every FERN Education outlet in the country and I heard not a single negative about the system or the network”

Contact us at info@fernedu.com for any inquiries

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